Most Common Moving Injuries and How To Avoid Them?

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Most Common Moving Injuries and How To Avoid Them?

When it comes to moving, it is an obvious fact that a lot of physical effort is going to be involved for those rigorous pulls and pushes all around! In every move, there are certain body parts that come into play to take on the pressure and get things done. And amid such exertive tasks, the body parts in action get prone to injuries – let’s discuss some of the most common ones.

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Toe Injury

While carrying the large boxes to load them onto the vehicle, there are considerable chances of getting these boxes slipped off the fingers and falling directly on your toes.

This injury can be avoided if you make sure to wear good-quality closed-toe shoes while moving. The layer will protect your toes and reduce the impact of the collision.

Back Strain

The constant bending, lifting, and dragging are bound to take a toll on your back! Moving can put a lot of stress on your back especially if you’re not someone who is regularly indulged in moderate physical activities.

You can minimise your back strain if you start lifting off the ground in a squat position – this would reduce your waist bend and cause less strain on your back.

Ankle Injury

Often while moving up or down the steps, misstepping has a high chance to occur and this directly results in an ankle sprain.

The misstep impact on your ankles can be drastically curbed by wearing steady-grip sports shoes. Also, aim to have a balanced move rather than a hurried one.

How to avoid all the moving injuries?

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