Tips for selecting the right international moving company in Dubai

international moving companies dubai

Tips for selecting the right international moving company in Dubai

We are all aware that moving can be a tremendously stressful experience. Some consider it to be one of the ten most stressful events in a person’s life. Moving within the same city can be enough to tip the stress meter into the red zone, so what about an international move? That is why selecting the best international moving company is critical. 

Here are some tips for selecting the right international moving company in Dubai:

  1. Seek out recommendations: The UAE has a large number of moving companies. You can look for them online and visit their websites, or you can look in the classifieds section of the newspaper. You could ask your neighbor, friends, or coworkers for recommendations. Most reputable movers will have hundreds of online reviews, whether through Google, social media, or other online review platforms.
  2. Comprehensive insurance options: Every reputable moving company will have a variety of insurance options; find out what they are and if they can be tailored to your specific needs. You should also look into which insurance company they work with and how simple it is to file a claim. This will help to ensure a smooth operation if something goes wrong during your move.
  3. Trusted global network: When looking for a mover, it’s critical to find one with a reputable global network. You should know whether they will use a service partner or if they will have an office at your destination. If they use a service partner, you should learn about the vetting process the company uses to select them and look into the partner’s reviews. Many businesses will use unaccredited or low-quality partners at the destination end to make their prices appear more appealing, but this can cause a major headache later on.
  4. Years of experience and community involvement: The number of years of experience can have a significant impact on the quality of services provided. When it comes to international shipping, you need a company that you can rely on. If the moving company has a good track record and has been in business for a decade or more, this will put your moving process on the right track. A good level of community involvement demonstrates that they care about the people and are familiar with the area.
  5. Use appropriate packing materials: Moving companies typically use heavy-duty boxes to pack items. If you are packing your own belongings, you can purchase new or slightly used boxes from home improvement stores. Meanwhile, if you’re packing fragile items like glasses, plates, and dishes, have bubble wrap, crumpled paper, or foam on hand to help pad the boxes.

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